Susan Belfer is a genius at her craft. Privacy, a moment to take care of yourself, in a clean, professional atmosphere. The results showed (or didn't show) right a way. I'm pleased I found Susan. Without hesitation, she is the most effective technician I've found. I won't ever have to look further because she is just that good!

Esther Stein

I am very pleased with the results I have seen and no longer have any unwanted facial hair. You were very helpful and accommodating of my needs and it was a pleasure visiting you every few weeks.

Angelina Vittorio

I have been seeing Susan Belfer for the past couple of years. Her facials are wonderful. I come away feeling relaxed and renewed. As well the electrolysis treatments have been very effective. I am very pleased with Susan's  services and highly  recommend her.

Barbara Siskind

Susan prepared an amazing 24 Karat Gold Facial for me that transformed my skin. The resulting soft, smooth skin left me impressed, and I was very pleased with the long lasting moisturizing effects. Thanks Susan!

Wendy Doan