Permanent Makeup

Have you ever wished you could be less dependent on makeup and still look good? Now there is a way with permanent makeup!

How safe is permanent makeup?
When permanent makeup is done under proper conditions, there are no opportunities for disease transmission according to the Center for Disease Control. Permanent makeup is safe.

Are the procedures painful?

Everyone is different in their tolerance and sensitivity. A topical-numbing solution is used to help numb the area that will be worked on before starting the procedure. Reapplying the numbing topical is usually permitted during the procedure.

How do you select the colours?

Colours are usually selected by a client requesting a certain colour for the particular procedure that is being performed. Also, you may consider what your permanent makeup technician may advise on what colour they feel will look best with your skin tone and hair colouring.

Will I be able to see each procedure drawn on before the procedure is started?

Yes! This is a very important step and can be fun. The brows, lips and/or eyeliner will be drawn on to enhance your facial features first, and of course to your satisfaction, before the procedure is started. The nice thing is that it is going to stay with you, enhancing what you do have and it won't wash off like other temporary makeovers do.

What is involved in the aftercare and long-term care for permanent makeup procedures?

Aftercare is keeping it dry and using ointment during healing process sparingly. Generally, the long-term care for any of the procedures is to use a good sunscreen daily and be careful with the beaching and any exfoliating creams; just try to keep it away from your permanent makeup as much as possible.

List of Services

Eyebrow               $350
Upper Eyeliner     $200
Lower Eyeliner     $200
Lip Liner               $350
Full Lip Blended   $650